PR, Event


Tasks scope:
idea and implementation of the action, media relations, communication strategy
POLPHARMA / 2014-2016


The issues concerning anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock were almost unknown in the population. Only 30% of respondents taking part in the study had any knowledge of the issues. It became a key need to complement the knowledge about how to identify the first signs of an anaphylactic reaction and the correct procedures in the event of a anaphylactic shock. The estimation of experts showed that allergy in Poland affects approximately 40% of the population and will dynamically increase in the coming years.

Anaphylaxia may become relevant to more and more people. The main objective of the action was stressed on education and awareness-raising in this area. This can be achieved, among others, by building a coalition of experts around the campaign and creating angled communication and substantive guidelines taking account of key target groups.


Several thousand people trained (including representatives of the medical environment, urban transport drivers, lifeguards, journalists, bee keepers, uniformed services) in the scope of anaphylaxia and first aid in anaphylactoid reactions (within the framework of  industry meetings, dedicated workshops, mass events and local events in Poland).

A cycle of consultations for patients in the framework of the "Anaphylaxia Education Week" (reach: 80 cities).

The key element was preparing a systemic report system with the National Allergology Consultant, the first substantive guidelines for doctors in Poland and simple algorithms to follow in case of anaphylaxia.

This educational message reached nearly 6 million Poles via:

  • press materials,
  • articles on the subject,
  • video materials,
  • information platforms located in public transport,
  • a free hotline.

This wide scope of public relations activities generated several thousand publications. The programme has been well received by independent experts, which has been confirmed with prizes: the 2015 Złoty Spinacz in the Healthcare category, 2015 Golden Stevie Awards, a honorary mention in the 2014 Social Campaign of the Year competition.