Emolium® supports parents from day 1

Tasks scope:
social campaign, event coordination, communication strategy, creative send, media relations, digital
Emolium / 2017, 2018


Generating an idea and organising a social campaign raising public awareness of issues regarding parenthood.


A child coming to this world is a unique time in the life of the parents. Especially at the beginning, when they're trying to become familiar with their new roles. It is a kaleidoscope of various emotions, beautiful and moving moments, but also a time of stress and social pressure. The campaign “We Support You from Day 1” was designed with new parents in mind.  Its aim was to raise awareness of the public on issues regarding parenthood, so that criticism can be replaced with understanding for the parents’ struggles and supporting them in everyday situations, from the first moments of their child's life. The campaign was initiated by the Emolium® brand.


The campaign has received a warm welcome by the media and parenting influencers. Using their channels, they stressed how important it is to show support to new parents, particularly at the beginning of this unique, but very difficult adventure.

The idea of the action was supported by a Polish film and theatre actress, privately, a mother of three children.

With support from experts, we managed to develop a list of tips for new parents and their loved ones that helps them to enter the path of parenthood. With the involvement of the media, this guidance was widely distributed to society. Within two years of the campaign, we managed to reach nearly 10,000,000 people.

The visual side of the campaign was managed by the famous illustrator, Magda Danaj "Porysunki".