PR, Digital

In Their Shoes - social experiment

Tasks scope:
PR campaign, communication strategy, digital, media relations, social campaign
Takeda / 2018


Creating and implementing a social action aimed at building awareness of the life of persons suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases.


#InTheirShoes is the first action of its kind in Poland so far. The primary aim of the #InTheirShoes experiment was to build awareness of the problems of everyday life that patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease have to deal with every day. An important component of the action was to build empathy and understanding and tolerance for people struggling with non-specific inflammatory bowel diseases. Next to the educational activities, it was also key to publicise of the standing of the NSIBD patients with in Poland and their access to treatment to improve the quality of life.

Non-patients (journalists, celebrities, officials, people associated with healthcare system) were invited to take part in the project, as their experience of the experiment have helped them show to the general public what the specific nature of these diseases was. The main tool for allowing the simulation was a mobile application created in cooperation with patients’ organisations.


Publicising the #InTheirShoes simulation results happened through press materials, a TV programme, photos and video coverage from leading media opinion formers. Communications support was provided by key experts and patients’ organisations. Popularising the topic also took place in social media.