Public Relations

We cater communications strategies to our Clients’ needs. We are building and leading media relations based on the insider industry knowledge and the ability to read the needs of journalists, partners and influencers. We lead campaigns that really affect the image of the brands.

“If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations” Bill Gates

And rightfully so! Because properly prepared and consistently implemented PR activities are the Flywheel driving every business.

At Flywheel, we believe that a company that gains momentum this way becomes a leader in their field. This is why we adjust the offer each time to the Client's requirements, needs and objectives.

Corporate PR

We provide long-term strategies for building and sustaining a profitable customer relationships between the company and its environment. In this area, we are responsible for: relations with the media, crisis communication, media trainings, internal communications, relations with NGOs and opinion leaders, state bodies and local administration, sponsorship actions and strategies and CSR concepts and productions.

Internal Communication

We believe that a properly planned communication addressed to the inside the organization, based on dialogue, pays off in strengthening commitment and improving employee motivation, building a team of credible company ambassadors.  Aware of the effectiveness of the available tools, we design and implement an internal communication strategy, special events for companies and organisations (team building, incentive events, integration, workshops and theme trainings). Moreover, we also nurture the company’s relationship with key cooperatives in the framework of the current incentive events.

Crisis Communication

We work with the customer towards the company’s reputation, knowing that this is a value whose protection requires careful and systematic actions. We monitor the potential outbreak of the factors that could harm it. We design stable communication activities whose role is to prevent the occurrence of, or eliminating already formed crises, preventing threats to the reliability and stability of the company.

Product PR

We create and implement communication strategies including the launch of new brands, products and services, change management within the brand - positioning and repositioning.

Media Relations

We lead the relations with the media based on the experience and knowledge of the industry, as well as on the ability to listen and understand the needs of journalists and business partners. We work with Key Opinion Leaders, NGOs, PAGs. We are responsible for adaptation and implementation of global communications. We organise expert panels, arranging publications in specialised media. We develop qualitative and quantitative reports from the activities carried out, in-depth analyses of the Customer’s environment/competition as well as evaluations of the activities carried out.


We create and develop concepts in the context of socially responsible actions, implemented by customers at the stage of strategy building . We use entertainment topics to design, among others, campaigns and special events in order to support entities such as foundations or social needs, selected jointly with the customer. In the framework of these activities, we initiate and coordinate the work with different groups of stakeholders.

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